by Repartee

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released 30 September 2011

Meg Warren - vocals, keyboards, piano
Robbie Brett - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Tyler Lovell - bass, vocals, keyboards
Keith Harding - drums, percussion, glockenspiel

Lyrics by Meg Warren
Music by Repartee
Produced by Mark Neary

Additional percussion and vocals by Mark Neary
Recorded by Mark Neary and Rick Hollett

Additional engineering by Robert Kelly and Krisjan Leslie
Recorded at Stagehouse Studio
Mixing and additional tracking by Laurence Currie at Sunnyside Studios
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering

Artwork by Alex Pierson



all rights reserved


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Repartee St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Repartee’s music has been described as ‘the kind of music that allows you to let loose while dancing, without giving a f*** about how foolish you look’ (the Muse). They play keyboard-based pop with elements of gritty rock, and have been compared to You Say Party, Metric, and Handsome Furs. The 2011 debut album was shortlisted for the Atlantis Music Prize for best NL album released that year. ... more

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Track Name: I Used to Dance
I've been crawling through this scene to make you see me
I'm good at keeping myself low
You've been holding back and hesitant to look at me
So I hold shiny blades to make me glow

I walk, paranoid they'll find me undercover
So I smother it
As tonic sweetly sits behind my lips

And if you ever had a reason to believe me
It's here from the guilt I feel
I'm left alone and lie with me only
When you hold me
And you'll never dig me out
Because the darkness, she allures me
With her fury I am bound and tied
And wrapped in all my made-up pride

It's passing by me now
And I can't wake up
I used to dance but now it's not about me
Track Name: Your Heart
We've never been the ones to follow
We've just been floating on behind
And if we're hazy on tomorrow
At least we're hazy intertwined

We watch our friends sign on forever
The knot is tied the door is closed
And we're expected to surrender
'Cause that's all everybody knows

I put my heart within your busy hands
Because my life has fit the same demands
I said it, you say we'll never seek it out

And those imaginary fairy tales
That talk of perfect love and flowing veils
They say it, they all say ever after all

All I need is your heart
Track Name: Missing the Sun
I just don't stack up next to you
And every little thing you do
Is breaking boundaries and brand new
And I'm here sitting with the truth

That I don't understand the rules
I'm down here mingling with the fools
While you're collecting all the jewels
I just don't stack up next to you

Way up over the clouds, I wonder
Maybe I'm just missing the sun through the thunder
Somehow, someday you'll be around when I break through
I'll be proudly singing along right up there with you

You're just standing over me
Albeit though unknowingly
It never stops to let me be
Or let me suffer quietly

With all this pressure building up
I start to tremble at the thought
Of even slightly fucking up
I guess I'm never good enough

I did it again, I did it again
Track Name: I Would Die Before You
Come over to my humble abode
I want to see what's underneath your clothes every minute
But your heart's not in it

I'm ready to accept the blame
If I chewed up your heart and spit it out again
I regret it
But you don't get it

Slowly you might come around
And I'll fix up the pieces of your broken crown
You deserve
You're fucking worth it

I would die before you
If it meant that you'd be alright
I'd live my life looking forward to my demise
If it meant you'd be fine

Only you have made me feel
like I've regained control of the steering wheel
And I never want to see September

If I could ever find the words to say
that your arms around my body is enough to make
me want to die old and by your side

I would die before you
If it meant that you'd be alright
I'd live my life looking forward to my demise
If it meant you'd be fine

It's astounding when I think how we've become this solid bind
It's perplexing how you occupy the deepest of my mind
And it's a sobering thought
to know that whether or not we're thinking husband and wife
You've changed my life
Track Name: Follow
I was guarded all my life
Walking proud, alone and without you
A steady heart, a stubborn mind
I was beaming, bright and without you
In my life there was a light
In the darkness there is only you

I want to fall
I want to follow you

In my heart there was a fire
But I put it out for only you
Because you want me to
And I know it isn't right
But I can't suffer myself without you

Vacant lover
I can't find a way to break your covered mind
and with my only ammo
used in battles
I'm unarmed against myself
Track Name: Bikini Bod
I look at pictures of all of you
in your bathing suits
You look so happy, it makes me wanna be like you

All the boys want your body
in those bathing suits
I wish I could be as cool as you look

Oh I know
I'll never look like that

I want your bikini bod
I wanna be tanned and hot
I wanna be pretty just like you

I put away all the groceries
And I start anew
Here's my chance to look just like they tell me to
My hair's not bright like it was
Maybe I'll lighten that too
When I'm finished I'll be a barbie-doll-brand-new

There's something here that's just now right
There's something here that doesn't make much sense
You do whatever Cosmo says
You're wondering where the boy who left you went
You're putting on your mini skirt
'Cause that's the one that's flattering as hell
I'm afraid of being hurt
But I'm not afraid of being myself

I wanna be happy just like you
Track Name: I ♥ NY
This city is every colour
and it's beckoning my name
Around every corner is a brightly burning flame
I think I've found what I've been looking for

The people, they're moving so much faster here
The sun it seems to glow just a bit more clear
I think I've found what I've been looking for

I don't know why
I come to you and I cry
When there's a bluer sky
I heart NY

A stroll through the centre of the universe
I'm a blank page to this fiery colour-burst
I think I've found what I've been looking for

You, you're my companion
I need you here with me
You make it fit together, just so perfectly
I think I've found what I've been looking for
Track Name: Just in Time
He was one of those guys
brown hair and vapid eyes

Living still at 25
Planning a hold on my life

I never knew what was inside
now I'm disappointed at what I find

Cause you're just one of those guys
brown hair and vapid eyes

If you've been waiting for it
That something some of bullshit
You're just in time
Because you think it's best if
I'm sitting still and patient
But I've got no time

You lie
Looking really doubtful
You don't think I know you're eating your words by the mouthful
Rad plaid soul that doesn't blend in
While you're looking abnormal, out of sorts in your own skin
Track Name: Strong
I was dreaming long before I fell asleep
Holding secrets just to keep something of my own and
You were running at me with the biggest grin
Open arms to let me in
I'm on the verge of letting go

We all know it takes a strong man
to finish what he started
And they all know I'm not strong or a man

Giving all I can to make the pieces fit
If there's hope this isn't it
I'll bide my time here until
Someone comes along and taps my shoulder firm
Mark the ending of my turn
I lose the game before it starts

I was sitting underneath your careful wing
The next pretty little thing
Is all I'm capable of
Track Name: Say You Love Me
Say you love me 'cause I need it said
Pause the conversation in your head
Calm the thoughts that haven't happened yet
Lay your body down with me instead

Flying years that feel like second's speed
I filled my life with you for selfish greed
You are everything I ever need